About Us


Carter Brothers Ltd. was founded in 1988 by two brothers John and Robert Carter. These two entrepreneurs were inspired by their uncle Clarence Carter who operated his own business; Carters Utility. His business was much like Carter Brothers in the industry of communication & power lines. The two brothers had been working for Clarence since 1962.From their obtained knowledge and skills in this industry the two brothers began their own utilities company, calling it Carter Brothers Ltd. They like most entrepreneurs had to start from scratch. They began their company out of Johnís home garage. In 1990 they bought a piece of land and built the residence of Carter Brothers Ltd.

This location is sited at 1797 Route 134, Moncton N.B and is still operated and managed by John Carter today. It is also the headquarters for the company. The company has expanded at a rapid rate and is now consisting of three satellite locations; Moncton (the headquarters) Bathurst, Saint John and Fredericton. This tremendous expansion has lead to enormous growth in employees as well; consisting of over 80 employees as of June 2009.